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"Co-creation is my approach, involving customers and users in every stage of the development process.

In workshops, I create a space that enables participants to actively shape the changes and new developments."

Esther is a coach, workshop moderator and consultant with proven expertise in the start-up sector. She knows how teams tick and accompanies various projects with a focus on process and organizational design as well as New Work. As an experienced consultant for design thinking and agile methods, Esther's sound theoretical understanding and practical track-record have involved overseeing digitalisation initiatives in companies and non-profit organizations alike.

Consultant, Coach, Moderator (Freelance)

Kobold – founder and innovation consultant

Partake – Strategy and Innovation Advisor

InnoZ – Project management "User Research & Innovation"     

dr phil. – Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences

Dwarfs&Giants - Licensed Holacracy Provider

Systemic organizational development

HPI Design Thinking

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