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"I firmly believe that real added value can only be created if we also take into account the social and environmental dimensions in addition to economic aspects. To do this, we have urch 'establish networks, learn from one another and jointly develop changes to impact the society of tomorrow."

If anyone loves New Work, it's Nora. She'll work from anywhere with a stable Internet connection and enjoys experiencing the on-site situation first-hand, wherever that may be in the world. she excels at using her experience of international projects and start-ups, as well as her inspiring personality in the further development of business models and strategic processes. As an experienced moderator, she helps teams to find innovative solutions and and provides support throughout the implementation.

Kobold Purpose Innovation – Consultant and Partner

mimycri  –  Founder, Strategy and Finance

Doctors Without Borders – HR and Learning & Development

Partake – Innovation Advisor

BA – Economics, Politics & Sociology

MA—Public Management

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